Background On Content Marketing

A content marketing strategy serves two distinct purposes. The first is audience contact. You keep in touch with your audience year-round, and keep them excited about what you offer. Second, a well-designed content marketing strategy drives organic search engine results. As SEO improves, the audience grows. And as the audience grows, SEO improves. Each result feeds the other in an ever-growing cycle.

Sy Gilliland, owner of SNS Outfitter & Guides in Wyoming recently commented on the impact of their content marketing strategy. “We totally own antelope hunting in Wyoming,” he said. “We couldn’t have squeezed in another hunter last year if we had tried. Bookings are at a crazy pace. Best ever!”

Traditional marketing channels like trade shows and print advertising offer a limited, one-time connection with sportsmen. A content marketing strategy allows a business to reach a vast audience, year-round, with no geographic limitations.


While keeping your website fresh with content, a blog is your organization’s “pull” communication, driving readers to your website. A blog should offer company news, industry news, field reports, how-to articles, photos, video, interviews and other content that keeps your audience engaged. A blog powers your email and social media platforms, driving traffic and keeping visitors longer. This is perhaps your best SEO tool.

Email Newsletters

Email is your “push” communication. Email updates serve as a proactive way to deliver content directly to your audience. This drives website traffic and subsequently, search engine results. Email is the perfect way to communicate important dates, openings or cancellations.

Social Media

When social media accounts become seamlessly integrated with the rest of your content strategy, they deliver content to your audience on a daily basis. This drives even more traffic to your website and is a key tool for SEO. In fact, after the major search engines, our clients see more web traffic coming from Facebook than any other third-party site.

Published Articles and Content Sharing

Publishing articles and sharing content on third-party websites provides publicity and exposure for your business. Additionally, backlinks from reputable websites are a valuable SEO tool. Articles may also be submitted to print magazines and trade publications wherever appropriate.


Images are powerful. Great photography can be the difference between a decent content marketing strategy and a highly effective one. Producing high quality images for your business can make a tremendous difference in sales.

Video Content

Video content has become incredibly important in online marketing. The power of video cannot be underestimated, particularly in terms of search engine results and its staggering ability to increase sales.

Reputation Management

We help manage our clients’ reputations by encouraging customers to post positive reviews on the most important websites. Positive reviews improve your company’s image and search engine position.

Marketing Consultation

When our clients have questions about their company’s marketing practices, we are available to help. We assist with website content, brochures, branding and more.

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