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May 2, 2016
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October 25, 2016

A Recap From British Columbia

This September we had the opportunity to visit our friends, Ron and Maria Nemetchek at North River Outfitting in British Columbia. Their outfit is located in the most remote part of B.C. and the area is massive. It’s home to incredible numbers of animals and unrivaled trophy quality. They offer hunts for stone sheep, mountain goat, moose, mountain caribou and grizzly.

We launched a marketing initiative with North River Outfitting in 2014. These efforts include website, SEO, email and social media. The goal of our trip this September was photography. We wanted to capture compelling images, not just of the trophies, but of the camps and the entire hunting experience. These images will be used in their marketing materials over the next year.

The sheer size of the area at North River Outfitting is breathtaking and it allows Ron and Maria to manage it incredibly well. For example, we flew into an area for a mountain goat, moose and caribou combo hunt hunt where they hadn’t harvested any goats in three years. As we flew into the area, we could see goats on nearly every range of mountains. This means that game density and trophy quality is incredible. It also means that many of these animals have never seen a human.

Here are a few images from an incredible British Columbia adventure:

For more information on combo hunts in B.C. with North River Outfitting, please visit their website at

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