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Fly Fishing with Lazy J Bar O Outfitters

Last July we had the opportunity to spend some time on a fly fishing trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness with Lazy J Bar O Outfitters. This wilderness area in Montana is one of the largest in the lower 48 and home to some of the best fly fishing anywhere in North America. The fishing for wild, westslope cutthroat and bull trout is simply incredible. In fact, it’s one of the few places in the U.S. where bull trout can be legally targeted.

Our trip to the Bob Marshall with Lazy J Bar O Outfitters was a photography and content gathering mission. We began working with outfitter and owner Mike Colpo earlier this year and we needed some photography to highlight the outstanding quality of these fly fishing trips in marketing materials, email newsletters, social media and on the website at LazyJBarO.com.

The first thing to know about the Bob Marshall Wilderness complex is that it’s immense. The remoteness of this area is incredible. It takes nearly a full day (though a relaxed one) of horseback riding to reach the Lazy J Bar O base camp. From there, the fishing opportunities are endless. We spent a couple of days fishing just a few hundred yards from camp on tributaries of the South Fork of the Flathead River. Other days we rode further downstream to fish the South Fork itself.

Here are a few highlights from the trip:

For more information on these incredible Bob Marhsall Wilderness fly fishing trips with Lazy J Bar O Outfitters, check out their website at LazyJBarO.com.

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