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Marketing for Hadley Creek
  • TaskFull content marketing support, including email newsletters, blogging, PPC, online ads and social media.

Hadley Creek Outfitters is one of the largest free range whitetail outfitters in the U.S. and has been operating in Pike County, Illinois since 1997. With more than 20,000 acres of prime deer habitat, a full time farming operation, full time guides and farm managers, thousands of stands and having killed more than 150 bucks over 170 inches, Hadley Creek might be one of the best places on earth to hunt big, free-range whitetail bucks.

We began working with Hadley Creek at the end of 2014 and immediately began work on a new website. The new site launched in August 2015, and less than one year since we began working for Hadley, we’ve seen incredible improvements to website traffic, social media engagement and search engine traffic.

As of November 2015, we’ve seen the following year-over-year results:

Sessions:Hadley Creek Outfitters

  • Nov. 2014: 1,111
  • Nov. 2015: 13,398
  • Increase of 1,106%

Unique Visitors:

  • Nov 2014: 1,026
  • Nov. 2015: 8,849
  • Increase of 762%

Page Views: 

  • Nov. 2014: 2,649
  • Nov. 2015: 43,991
  • Increase of 1,561%

Average Session Duration: 

  • 2014: 1 minute
  • 2015: 3 minutes 24 seconds
  • Increase of 238%

Sessons from Organic Search (Google, etc.)

  • Nov. 2014: 22
  • Nov. 2015: 7,392
  • Increase of 33,500%

Sessions from Direct Links (Email, etc.)

  • Nov. 2014: 1,088
  • Nov. 2015: 4,569
  • Increase of 320%

Sessions from Social Media

  • Nov. 2014: 0
  • Nov. 2015: 763

Sessions from Referral (3rd party sites)

  • Nov. 2014: 1
  • Nov. 2015: 674

In addition to these dramatic increases in website and search engine traffic, Hadley Creek is now engaging with its audience on social media platforms like never before. One year ago, Hadley Creek didn’t have an Instagram account. Now, Hadley boasts well over 1,000 followers and has already booked hunts with clients who found them on Instagram.

Social Media Marketing

Instagram Followers

On Facebook and Twitter, Hadley Creek is actively engaging with a larger customer base on a daily basis, resulting in better PR, better search engine results and increased website traffic.

Hadley Creek Outfitters has been one of the country’s top whitetail outfitters for more than 20 years. Here at Peak Outfitter Marketing, we don’t take any credit for that. The only thing we did, was to make sure the world knew about it! As we always like to say, we can’t make bad outfitters good. We only work with the best, and we work hard to make them the biggest names in the industry.