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August 3, 2017
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Lazy J Bar O Outfitters

Marketing for Hunting and Fishing Outfitter
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Outfitter Marketing ContentLazy J Bar O Outfitters, run by legendary hunting guide and Alaska Master Guide, Mike Colpo, offers incredible mountain hunting and fly fishing adventures in Montana and in Alaska. Lazy J Bar O specializes in remote, wilderness trips into some of North America’s most rugged country on horseback. Mike and Jojo Colpo are breeders, meaning they have some of the best horses and mules in the business. Whether you’re deep in the Alaska range after dall sheep or moose, or in one of Montana’s vast and rugged wilderness areas chasing wild cutthroat trout, elk or deer, getting into more remote or game-rich country has never been more fun.

Since partnering with Peak Outfitter Marketing in early 2016, Lazy J Bar O Outfitters has built an impressive web presence from scratch. Starting with almost no email list, no social media presence to speak of, and virtually absent from Google’s search results, the change has been exciting.

Lazy J Bar O Outfitters now boasts an active and growing email list and highly engaged social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. SEO has also improved dramatically and Lazy J Bar O’s website now ranks highly for many of their key search terms. The work certainly isn’t done and we look forward to seeing these measures continue to grow and improve over the next year!

Here are a few indicators of that growth in just one year, between 2016 and 2017:

Web Sessions/Month:
• 2016: 403
• 2017: 1,254
• 211% Increase

Unique Visitors/Month:
• 2016: 276
• 2017: 997
• 261% Increase

Total Page Views/Month:
• 2016: 1,237
• 2017: 3,610
• 192% Increase

Sessions/Month from Organic Search:
• 2016: 10
• 2017: 515
• 5,050% Increase

Sessions/Month from Social Media:
• 2016: 124
• 2017: 340
• 174% Increase

2017 Q1 Facebook Statistics:
• Total Reach: 120,941
• Organic Reach: 20,014
• Paid Reach: 100,927
• Total Impressions: 138,044
• Organic Impressions: 35,900
• Paid Impressions: 102,144

Sessions/Month from Direct Link/Email:
• 2016: 150
• 2017: 335
• 123% Increase